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We specialize in providing express, preventive, and general repairs for servo drives from the most popular brands available on the market. Many of these servo drives are no longer in production, making replacement parts scarce and costly due to the necessary updates required for other components in the production line. However, these replacements are crucial for the seamless operation of the production line.

Our primary objective is to offer our customers a service that assists them during crisis situations, minimizing unwanted downtime and preventing complete production halts. Our repair process is conducted by experienced technicians and follows the following steps:

  • Free entrance diagnostics: We conduct a thorough examination of the servo drive to identify the issues and determine the necessary service interventions.
  • Comprehensive price quote: Alongside the diagnostics, we provide a detailed recommendation of the required service interventions, which is included in the repair cost estimation.
  • Proven technical procedures: Our technicians employ established techniques for handling electronic components to ensure optimal repair outcomes.
  • Replacement of worn or non-functional parts: We replace all damaged or malfunctioning components with high-quality replacements to restore the servo drive to optimal working condition.
  • Attention to Detail: We pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the repair process. This includes removing deposits, drying, thoroughly cleaning, and repairing damaged shaft parts, splines, and engine balancing, as well as sandblasting and paint restoration when necessary.
  • Output test and protocol: The repaired servo drive undergoes comprehensive testing, and the results are documented in a protocol that includes actual measured values, ensuring the quality and reliability of the repair.
  • Secure packaging: We carefully package the repaired servo drive to ensure safe transportation to the client’s location, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.
  • Ecological disposal: In cases where a repair is deemed unfeasible or economically unprofitable, we offer the option of purchasing or ecologically disposing of the defective part.

Our aim is to provide a service that not only resolves technical issues but also offers peace of mind to our customers, enabling them to overcome crises swiftly, reduce downtime, and maintain uninterrupted production.

Sale of Spare Parts in Stock

We have a wide selection of spare parts readily available in our warehouse located in Trenčín. We offer a comprehensive inventory comprising new components as well as excellent refurbished items, guaranteeing superior quality in all our products. When you contact us, we make it our priority to provide swift assistance by responding to your inquiries within one hour and presenting you with a competitive price offer.

If a specific part is currently unavailable, we are dedicated to offering you the finest alternatives. This may involve suggesting the shortest lead time for availability or recommending a suitable replacement option. Rest assured, all the parts available for purchase have undergone rigorous testing by our skilled technicians or through our trusted partner’s test center in Germany.

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Service exchange

Service exchange, also known as an ‚exchange sale,‘ is a selling method where customers send us their damaged spare parts and pay only a portion of the purchase price for a replacement part. This approach offers several benefits, including the quick availability of the required part at a more affordable price (typically 60-75% of the part’s listed price). As long as the customer’s damaged part is repairable and not beyond repair, it is possible to proceed with a service exchange. If the part cannot be repaired in certain situations, the customer will receive an invoice for an amount that does not exceed the sales price.

Consignment warehouse

We offer a personalized service exclusively designed for our most loyal customers. Once we finalize the framework agreement, we ensure that the agreed-upon parts are readily available in our inventory, specifically reserved for the respective client. This means that whenever they require these parts, they can have immediate access to them. While the price of these reserved parts is usually higher, the customer will only be invoiced upon their delivery.

This approach benefits the customer as they don’t need to maintain expensive stock, and they can expect the required parts to be available within just a few hours of reporting any accidents or incidents. We customize our framework agreements to suit the unique needs of each customer. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us, and once we agree on the details, we’ll create a personalized proposal exclusively for you.

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Express Pickup and Delivery

We offer a convenient service that not only saves you time but also reduces costs by delivering the required part directly to our service center. If you are located within the Slovak Republic or the Czech Republic, we go the extra mile by providing collection and return delivery right to your doorstep. As a gesture of our commitment to fostering strong business relationships, we waive any fees for our loyal customers.

Preventive Maintenance

To ensure smooth service delivery, we highly recommend advance planning. This allows us to dedicate a dedicated worker exclusively to your needs and efficiently perform service interventions and repairs on damaged stands and equipment. Our aim is to provide cost-effective solutions with optimal price-performance ratios. Consistent maintenance serves as the cornerstone for achieving long-lasting success.

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Our service operates smoothly through our close collaboration with reliable and well-established business partners. Should you need help, we are happy to suggest a service technician whom we have complete faith in, known for their exceptional skills and extensive experience.



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