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A dedicated, professional team

We are professionals in maintenance - we specialize in supporting our employees to show the full potential of maintenance to our customers. We are proud to manage and implement maintenance, and believe that a motivated, empowered and talented professional team is a force to consider.

PLCTRONIC Industry's value

With many years of experience and a deep knowledge in the processing of steel and non-ferrous metals, PLCTRONIC Industry provides expedient engineering lines or equipment that deliver consistent product quality and increased manufacturing performance.

Building A Partnership With Customers For Success

We developed our maintenance management and operation method over 5 years ago. We have been working hard to help our customers in different industries realize the full potential of maintenance and to achieve long-term business benefits.


Given complex process technologies, PLCTRONIC has developed a flexible and practical automation and technology control. Based on our experience and versatile process knowledge in the fields of rolling mills, processing lines, chemical technologies, and industrial furnaces, we have built up a multi-platform combined with modern hardware and software systems automation.

On-site verification to increase instrument reliability

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Design and the supply of automation packagess

Carrying out of studies

Creation and putting into service of software systems