The purpose and the limited features of the equipment are established. After which, the degree of failure as well as its impact are determined

The solutions needed in the field of operational preparation management and maintenance are determined with a structured approach.


Business world is on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution. Connecting the virtual and real worlds helps improve monitoring and speed up on the hook processes.

This allows companies and all value-added networks to be controlled and optimized in real time. We can support your your supply chain integration process. In addition to all relevant measurement and system technologies, we also offer you a suitable software to monitor and optimize your stock and supply chain.

Industrial Services

PLCTRONIC offers solutions for industrial plant maintenance projects, including machine refurbishment and repair, equipment installation, maintenance downtime management, and staffing.

Paper pulp and paper, mining and ore processing, electricity and municipalities, and petrochemical industry managers are among our satisfied customers. The PLCTRONIC provides you with the support you need to set up the machine from scratch and running everything in between.

Our expertise in installation and repair is proven in the Midwest and is available throughout the US. Pride and self-confidence lead PLCTRONIC employees to work harder and achieve success.


A complete maintenance service is available to better control your maintenance costs. PLCTRONIC allows you to choose the right maintenance program based on your facility's specific requirements, from inspection to long-term maintenance. Our continuously enhanced approach to maintenance is geared to sustaining efficient operational equipment.

How we can support you

The reliability of the measuring instruments has an important place in terms of your industrial processes and the availability of your plant. On-site verification and preventive industrial maintenance services ensure that your devices perform their measurements in a consistent way. Our specially trained and experienced technicians with many years of experience will provide you with the latest technology testing and maintenance service for your industrial devices.

The reliability of your measurement instrumentation is essential to your industrial processes and plant availability. Our on-site verification and preventative industrial maintenance services ensure that your instruments consistently measure what they are intended to measure. Our specially trained and long-term experienced technicians will support you by providing state-of-the-art testing and maintenance service for your industrial instrumentation.

On-site verification to increase instrument reliability

Preventive maintenance to reduce the risk of failure

Minimize process downtime by eliminating problems with your measurement equipment

Maintenance transparency and detailed reports available for each measuring instrument

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No matter where you are in the world, when you work with us you will find competent, motivated maintenance professionals who are passionate about your business and who can solve your maintenance problems.

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